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for guests

  • Happier guests
  • Higher spend
  • More repeat stays
  • Stronger reviews

(the delight)

End-to-end personalized and profitable experiences for guests and staff. Create champions at every touchpoint from booking to re-engagement and referral.

High Return On Experience (ROE)

for staff

  • Higher retention
  • Higher empowerment
  • Lower stress
  • Higher intent to stay

for both

  • More champions, fewer critics
  • Greater choice, control and convenience
  • Greater loyalty
  • Stronger belief your promises will be kept

(the insight)

Solutions designed by hospitality experts to reveal data-driven insights and decisions about guests and for staff. Keep promises and deliver profits through data-driven, connected solutions centered on guest delight, staff satisfaction and insightful relationships.

High Return On Data  (ROD)

for guests

  • Preference-based services
  • Optimized reservations
  • Curated offers
  • Greater influence

for staff

  • Data-informed schedules
  • Coverage aligned to demand
  • Deeper understanding of guests
  • Insights that increase revenue

for your business

  • Unified guest profiles
  • Higher revenue per guest and stay
  • Greater capacity utilization
  • Healthier margins

Hotels, Resorts and Cruise

Foodservice, Corporate Dining and Life Plan Communities

Stadiums, Hospitals and Universities


100% Focus on Hospitality Across Various Venues

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